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Return of the Web Guy

The Website Guy returns. It’s been a very busy couple of months since I last checked in! Right off the bat – don’t follow my bad example and keep up with your blog. With that said, it’s a forgivable offense if you’re working on building a following elsewhere, which is exactly what this web guy […]

Technically Artistic or Artistic … Technically

Before going any further in this post, refresh this page. I’ll wait 🙂 Notice how the header image changed? Try refreshing it again. I can’t exactly account for how “pretty” or not each version may have been for you, but I’m basically grabbing screen shots of one of the first programs I ever wrote back […]

Importance of Page Load Time

When a web visitor clicks a link that leads to your website, there is a symphony of digital activity behind the scenes. The number of handshakes happening between the layers of software across a multitude of machines in fractions of a second would truly astound any onlooker, if such a thing were viewable. We all […]

Coding Post #1

In these kinds of posts, I’ll be discussing more of my technical conquests. So if that sounds dreadfully boring to you, take a look here for more of the marketing side of this post. Boy, do I both love and hate Javascript. It’s easy to learn but impossible to master. It breaths incredible flexibility and […]