About Your Web Guys

Slinging Web Since '99

Two Decades of Web

Hello and welcome! If you're reading about us, chances are you're in need of a good web guy. You're in the right spot. We know how frustrating and confusing the wild world of web can be, and I'm here to simplify all that for you. If you need an expert's advice on your digital presence, improvements to your website, a fresh perspective on your digital marketing, then you've found your guys.

Guys, You Had Me at "Frustrating and Confusing"

Tireless Dedication to the Many Aspects of the Web

Web Programmer

What is a Web Programmer? Well, its about as close to zeros and ones as any professional gets these days (which is to say - not that close.) Many web developers and designers simply stitch together bits and pieces created by people like yours truly. I work with the raw stuff, meaning I can pick up where others leave off.

Data Nerd

I live on finding patterns in data, which is a pretty handy trait for someone working in Digital Marketing and the Web. Statistics are my playground and there's enough data to keep me busy for several lifetimes. I firmly believe that analytics is the battleground of tomorrow's business, because you can't act on trends you're unaware of.

Digital Wizard

If an awesome website exists in a forest and no one is around to see it, does it even exist? I've embarked on a mission to not only understand the technical aspects of a website, but the marketing aspects as well. The divide between them is already disappearing. If you don't have a web guy who knows about both, its about time you do.

A Real Human

I have an abiding love for the internet and the potential it holds for all of us. Behind every website is a sincere desire to reach out and connect. Be it personal, for a cause, or for business, websites are now the gateway through which introductions are made. I want to help you build a website that is exactly what you need it to be.

Help Me ... Help You

I know the pains of being a small business or entrepreneur all too well. When I see people with real passion for their craft fail at finding a foothold for their new business because of problems with outreach, it just breaks my heart (I've been there before.) This is my passion - to help you overcome these obstacles and move on to a life of success and independence. If you find yourself hating your website, confounded by digital marketing, or infuriated with even finding a place to start learning, its time to ask for help.